Shepherds Hope Cookie's - About us !!

The Shepherds Hope Factory Team

When Les & Greg Cox bought Shepherds Hope Cookies in 2007 we had a tiny factory in Pinetown, 4 employees and no money. Luckily we also had a simple business strategy. If the biscuits were good enough, then word of mouth would spread. It’s a philosophy that worked. Today our biscuits are sold in just about  every supermarket in KZN, South Africa.

Both Les & Greg have a passion for baking, and both believe in good Quality ingredients,as well as Excellent Customer Service. The business is still family owned. however; it is now a little larger, a more extended family – the people who work here.

Our way of making biscuits has been called many things. “homemade” and ‘traditional” to name two, which we take as compliments.

After all, we do use good old fashioned mixing methods and slow baking techniques. And many of our biscuits have evolved from the family recipe book. Just like granny use to bake !!

In 2010 we were faced with our first Food Safety Audit.... This was a very scary thought for both the Management & the staff of Shepherds Hope... Everything we did on a daily basis, now needed to be formalised. Well as usual the Shepherds Hope  team pulled together & we passed with flying colours !! Since then we have been audited every year & every year we get better & better !! Our last Audit results were 92%.

Contact us : 031 700 2570